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Widowmaker is one of the hardest heroes to play and master, however knowledge is half the battle in Overwatch Gameplay. If you know what to look for and how to simply prepare yourself for EASY shots your Widowmaker reliability goes far up. Thanks to Razer for supplying the 3 Overwatch Deathadder Elites that we are giving away as well as supporting us in…

Overwatch Deathadder Elite GIVEAWAY! https://gleam.io/h2nNX/youroverwatch-razer-giveaway

Thanks for all your support over the last year, a sponsor like this means a lot to us and make sure you enter that giveaway!

In regards to the video, this took a long time to put together, we are planning on doing a more in depth aim guide that is about general aim, this may require a separate video for hitscan / projectile…

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I'm a low ranking player from South Africa. I have played a lot of Widow since death match was released. I'm getting better. But its important to know that at the lower ranks players don't jump as often. So I'm beter at waiting for the one player that actually jumps to land the hit the head shot. I'm sure in higher ranks its more important to get shot in the air. There is one issue with all hit scan that no European on American played ever keep in mind, and that is latency. (On a good day my ping is 190ms)When i play widow, i have to make shots before the head is on my cursor, so to me, its more important to anticipate moments than it is to wait for movement animations.

My desk is terrible. Its v shaped so it can fit in a corner and my keyboard takes up so much space that i have to use a high sensitivity and small mouse pad. I cant wait for college so i ca bring my parents old router and modem and have a rectangular desk

Razer… Yeah they used to be the best, then they decided that i can't change my mouse settings without an Internet connection. Then they became the worst, fucking horseshit company! Now Zowie came around and does what these sellout bitches did years ago, creating gaming peripherals for gamers, rather then RGB LED shit hardware that requires the installation of spyware and an Internet connection to work! But GZ to your sponsor!

Hey this weekend i went to my dads and brought overwatch and was a widow god on friday and got out of games with about 16 or so headshots but saturday i couldnt hit one headshot but i didnt change anything how is this possible because it wasnt luck because this was around like 6-7 games


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