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A guide on how to utilize Zarya. Making her the most leathal tank in Overwatch! In this video, i achieved a 22 player killstreak while giving tips on how to manage your barriers with Zarya, and keep you and your teammates alive!

Thanks; good advice all over. Tried Zarya recently and was wondering why the shield didn't seem to be doing shit. Ain't for parking or advancing like other shields, but for supporting yourself in a one-on-one for a second at a time.

So, just to make this clear, to build charge do I take a lot of damage myself (like some damage, back up, and take more when I'm healed up) or do I let my bubbles take a lot of damage and back up then take damage with my bubble again?

Pharah i would say is a pretty big danger/counter to Zarya as well Youre pretty much shit out of luck trying to kill her if she's got some altitude and your shield will block 1, maybe 2 missiles before going down.


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