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What’s up guys! I’ve got a competitive Tracer in-depth analysis video for you! As you all know, Hanamura is one of the hardest maps to attack as a flanker, and through the gameplay (ranked 65 in this game), I analyze important DECISIONS that I make, as well as explain the REASONING as to why I make those certain calls. I also give plenty of TIPS and TRICKS on how to deal with your COUNTERS, how to use your GAME SENSE/increase your MAP AWARENESS, as well as how to MIND GAME your opponent…

One thing you don't mention that I think is one of the more important notes: Look at how much time of theirs you wasted on defense. You were doing a great job of dragging people, making them chase you and evading right before you died. That is one of the things tracer is best at, her presence should not be ignored so she is great at distracting people and giving your team time to do what they need to. Really a great video man, keep up the good work!

Not sure if it's this vid or the other..but you mentioned about blinking once rather than twice but followed that advice and went 45/12 on KoTH with a ton of objective time….Great advice dude 🙂

Thank you. This is the best analysis video I've seen. You went very in depth and it didn't get boring like a lot of analysis videos tend to do. Really well done. I already feel better at the game after watching this.

Ive been playing tracer OCASIONALLY since Overwatch launched. I always thought it was just a fun and useful hero if I master her. Just got my 3000 comp points and bough her golden guns. Now it`s my objective to get as good as I can with her, and your guides are awesome. Learning so much from them, thanks a lot

honestly dude you are really good with tracer and i can appreciate your skill but your use of her ult never seems to be efficient at all. often times you hold onto it for a good long while, not placing it onto obvious and easy targets while in the meantime you rack up enough damage to get another bomb, eventually when you do decide to use it, you usually make an odd choice that wont benefit the team and you miss it anyways. i just think in general you dont add her pulse bomb into your playstyle mindset enough. luckily you are good enough with her otherwise that it really doesnt matter, but if you could just master the pulse bomb a little bit better id be mega impressed.

best way i find that to know when to evade is when tracers half health sound cue comes on. of course its not mandatory to recall on the cue all the time but in big fights its good to use that as a cue to get out or recall

OMG. thats amazing. first time seeing such an in depth analysis. thx this will definetely help me a lot at my next games. never thought about mind games and a such complex moves in games. wnat more such videos)

Instead of making the flashbang+headshot or fan the hammer combo with McCree. You can primary fire and instantly use your flashbang then follow up with another headshot.

Sadly i can not play the game cause my equipment is very outdated. but you sold me on tracer.
– machine pistols
– teleports
-self heals
– flanker

my favorite style of play, im lookin for the reaper, and soldier guides next. i need to run and gun so if i ever play its nice to know what im doin 🙂

I've gotten alot better with Tracer and do pretty well most times..took in board these tips… but one tip I have found is to just step away from Tracer if I'm having a bad streak and go back to her later. I tend to go back improved…sort of 🙂


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