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There’s been a little bit of a confused reaction from many of how to handle D.Va’s new nerf/rework after she has hit the live servers. Using my own experience, here’s some quick tips to get yourself around and up to speed with the new D.Va!

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My finals are only in 38 days (as of posting this comment!) so it's been a stressful time for me – i'm grateful for people continuing their support. I still have videos planned and I still hope to create content, but it's been a bit difficult as of late because it is after all my final exams. After they're done though, I will be getting fiber internet, along with 4 months before Uni starts to dedicate to Streaming and developing my channel – so I'm super excited for that. I've got a ton of video ideas ready to be churned out whilst I have time, so i'm excited to produce them when I can. Thanks all for your continued support!

I think you can get alot ult charge with the new d.va, especially when you mix Mouse1 with Missiles, oh boi


This was very helpful btw, i always used to not go in a straight line while using missiles

Hello! I really enjoyed that video, great job. I'm just not sure how I feel about you playing Dva in Platinum when you're clearly not a platinum player, especially when playing Dva. The enemy team got stomped pretty hard.

I like that I can kill people as D.Va now, especially Sym. Firing while boosting is the best thing they could have done for her, and something I've wanted for a while.
This is another really good D.Va video, keep up the good work.

i typically save my missiles for tanks and popping shields and winston bubbles, or high value targets

for example, i’ll use them on any initiator tank, any slippery support, symmetra, or a turret/teleporter i need to take out ASAP

they have a relatively low cool-down so i don’t mind using them pretty often

that’s just my play-style though

I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS. I'm "kind of" getting used to the changes but i still suck with the missiles. I would be lying if i said i haven't been looking everywhere to find a new guide to make the most with her new kit!

Any tips for getting the most out of shooting and boosting? Looking particularly for ways to cancel boost early through melee or shift. If I'm not shooting, I remember to stop just fine since I almost always meleed out of boost early, but when shooting my brain stops working and I (pardon the pun) overshoot quite a bit.

Thanks for the video! I like the new style with softer volume and chill music, it’s perfect for when I’m eating dinner hehe
You’re a very good dva, you know when to engage and chase low hp enemies, when to disengage, when to ult, how to ult etc….. not to mention your tracking. After picking up some tips from this vid I hope one day I can be as good as you ^^

I find with the new matrix nerf people underestimate it more so projectile ults should go through so you have more chance to catch them if you go behind or out of their sight lines ( or if they're stupid )

It's rare that I comment on anything, but this was not only full of great advice but really nicely put together; congratulations! I think it's interesting to note that while people have been claiming that D.va is now a DPS, the micro missiles are by no means a completely reliable way of dealing damage because they're quite difficult to hit, especially while moving, and I think that your insight about her role now being that of a punisher or dive-assister to genji or tracer was spot on.

I love how you finished off the PotG and the enemy D.Va with a mech summon kill – nice! I also liked the launch of the ult – those videos are what got me subscribed to you in the first place.

I'm getting used to new Dva and so far I really like the new missiles, they seem like a fair tradeoff after Matrix's nerf. While it's a shame that I can't defend my teammates as well as before, I can still manage to provide some support. Just need to know when to best use her kit and not dive in recklessly alone since it's very easy to lose her mech now.

Also maybe it's just me, but it seems her ult charges much more quickly thanks to the missiles and being able to use her cannons during boosting.


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