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Overwatch Lootboxes explained and droprates
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Do you get 1 legendary in every 13.5 loot boxes or 3.4? Is it a 7.4% chance in every item wheel? So that’s 4 chances in a loot box? So you should get a legendary every 3.4 loot boxes then? My last streak was an 11 loot box streak of trash. So I’m confused.

So. Let's say I don't have a skin… Toa. I level up, or buy a lot box. The box decides to give me Toa. But I don't open it yet.

I decide I really want that skin! I buy Toa, but the box is still unopened.

What happens when I open the box?

They never said that you will get NO dups, they said that the drop rate of dups is dramatically decreased. Its still possible to get dups even if you dont have every single item in that category but its rare and if you do, you are probably very unlucky 😛 (it has happened to me especially with the new items that they added yesterday)

but what if… i buy a skin right before i open a lootbox that has the skin? would i get a dupe or will it give me another legendary skin i dont have (since we shouldn't get any dupes anymore)? also have you guys been noticing that you are getting way less legendary skins since the patch where they changed the lootbox system, seriously, since a few weeks after the summer games event I only get like 3 legendary skins per event if not less by leveling about 55 levels and getting all the arcade lootboxes (total of approx. 64 lootboxes). In the winter wonderland event i had gotten every item all the way up to the epic ones and only got 2 or 3 skins (and the zarya and orisa emote), the rest i had to buy myself with the few credits i have… while in the summer games i almost got every legendary skin, even some i wasnt happy with, and i did not have every epic like i did with winter event

I only ever buy seasonal lootboxes because of how often I can get regular ones while playing the game. However, due to this fact, I have about on average 79 cosmetic items per character (not counting the two league skins I have, but counting the golden guns because Overwatch does count those as cosmetic items), so usually when I buy seasonal loot boxes, the game is usually forced to give me more seasonal items as a result because it's forced to upgrade my items. But I do notice that depending on the amount of lootboxes you buy, it will predetermine how many Legendaries you get. Usually for me, I tend to get about three Legendaries per 50 seasonal lootboxes (even the if the Legendaries aren't seasonal items). With 24, I usually get about one or two.
I've also noticed, even without the whole 'no duplicates' thing, I get a set amount of currency for the duplicates I get. Usually, if I get 50 lootboxes (seasonal) I'm guaranteed 3000 currency due to the amount of duplicates I get. For 24, I get 1000.

Keep in mind that the items that launch today are permanent whereas those of the upcomming year of the dog event (maybe bext week) are not. So don't spend all of your credits today or you might miss some event items you really want.

I've been getting mostly 4 dublicates in my lootboxes for several months now since I have the vast majority of the ingame items (it's mostly just a handful of legendaries n epics missing here n there). However, my experience is that, thanx to this "state" of my account, I get almost always 4 event items during an event until I have all the white n blue items of that event n then I get dublicates of white n blue items from the normal drop n the event loot but still mostly purple n gold stuff from the event (WHEN it drops since they're a way lower drop rate).
So I don't really mind the dublicates anymore. Between events it helps me to gather coins for the event items I won't have in a lootbox n during events I get usually most of the event items via lootbox. The change blizzard did to their dublicates system last year definitely benefited me 🙂

Nice video. But you haven't answered one important question. When seasonal event comes should I buy all old legendary skins for 1000 credits to force system to give me new skins worth 3000? I do that on every event but I'm not sure if it's working or not.

I have no legendaries for Mccree and Doomfist, not many epic, but usualy get 4 dublicates per loot box. And I feel like after the lootbix change I've got less event skin per event. I got many good skins from uprising and anaverity. But in halloween and winter wonderland I get more regular legendaries than usual while I get maybe 3 event legendaries.


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