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Overwatch Mercy balance problems with Res
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Most balanced mercy was 1.0 when she HAD her ult as a rez. Imo , why you might ask? she was a simple hero you could take her out easly before she had a rez of instead of focusing her when she was in valk form. AGAIN rez was an ultimate for a reason

They should bring back Old Rez, but give her a Max Rez Counter in her Ultimate of 5 and require Mercy to do a Chain Resurrection, where she is only able to rez one person at a time instead of the whole team at once. She'd have GA reset on Rez, so she'd need to do this if her whole team is down:

Rez–GA–Rez–GA–Rez–GA–Rez–GA–Rez. This could at least put skill in her ULtimate to fly in the battle field.

To balance this, make it so that it can only be successful if she is not interrupted. If she is able to chain two resurrections and still has 3 counters left, but gets interrupted or stunned or hooked, then the rest of her Rez counters are gone and the Ultimate charge is back to 0%.

What if rez was removed and instead her healing kinda branched like her ult but it was a lot less healing like payload healing for the branched healing and in her ult it was equal healing

Why not change her rez to bring a character back but with a limited health (like half or even a quarter of health and they have all their abilities on cool down), and increase the size of the hit box on her during rez and her ult so she can be stopped easier.

I was giving this some thought the other day and it occurred to me that there is a way to keep Mercy's revive but give the opposing team more control over it and also expand the games tactical toolkit. Rather than something that keeps the hero alive, give them a 3s buff that revives them if they die when it is applied. Call it Safeguard or something. Put briefly, safeguard is cast on a hero and if they are eliminated they'll see an option to revive themselves within the next 7s period. This means if the other team stop attacking the safeguarded player then the rez is wasted, they could also use a boop or other CC to keep the safeguarded player alive without them being a risk to the team. Likewise the Mercy player now has to predict who is likely to need the rez before they are defeated which makes the rez itself more skill orientated. Tactically this could be used to stage an ambush on payload maps. Imagine a McKree who has his ult but arranges to dive at the payload while safeguarded. The opposing team then pushes forwards over the 'dead' McKree, he then uses the revive now that the opposing team has their backs to him and uses his ult. Having a preventative rez rather than a reactive rez maintains Mercy's play style while expanding on the skill ceiling needed to play her and opening up new team tactics.

I actually like the mercy nerf because it helps people like me who main a healer that’s not mercy (I main Ana) play our mains. I love playing Ana and I play a good Ana but I always get asked to play mercy for that ult, so I’m actually glad that this nerf is coming because then I actually play Ana and more people can utilize the other healers and not just mercy.

To summarize this video “LEAVE MERCY ALONE!!!” Real talk though I spent 💯 hours on mercy bought a golden and all that if I knew they were gonna low-key nerf her WORSE than roadhog I wouldn’t have wasted my time on her who’s next on the nerf list is the real question to blizzard

Honestly, Mercy's kit needs a complete overhaul at this point because no matter what, she will either be garbage or overpowered. Resurrection may not be completely balanced, but it can be close to it. Unfortunate Blizzard can't be bothered to read actual good ideas from the players to get a sense of how to do so.

Maybe, Mercy can summon a rift that can either heal or provide a damage buff…Possibly both?! Idk. Unlike Lucio, her’s could stay in one spot

Edit: The thought came to me when I saw the Mercy’s Highlight Intro for The Chinese New Year (Where she draws the rooster). She found use her staff to trace the outline of the rift.

So.. expect lots of hate for having guts for saying the truth as 1:47 , man. But – respect here. Many youtubers dance around Blizz to justify all they do just to gain viewers. Good to see not everyone is like that.


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