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The developers talk about the brand new support hero “Moira”, including her gameplay, lore and development history during the Overwatch panel at Blizzcon 2017!

From the Blizzcon 2017 Livestream

Moria honestly makes me angry to have a hero that is a mixture of Zenyatta and Symettra ( I apologize If I spelt their names wrong ) and the thing that makes me itch the most is the colors , purple and yellow , just like Zenny , then she throw me flying orbs of death which is basically Orisa’s ability buffed , I agree with Jeff OP AF

the tenticals could have attached to a person and. changed colors to yellow for heal and would stretch to a sultan amount still healing them and her cult could have had a DNA symbol and i would have injected 3 types of DNA that you can chose from. 1 can turn you team mate vary strong and armor 2 would inject poison to and enemy from a long range starching the tenticals and 3 could have injected her self giving her buffs


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