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Overwatch Hanzo buffs coming, free tokens and Blizzworld
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Does anyone know how we get the free tokens? I already signed up and everything but like do they just transfer to your account or do you have to like claim them somewhere

If Hanzo is buffed, I'm uninstalling this piece of shit game. Hanzo, Widowmaker, and Junkrat tri-handedly ruin this game. There is no place for snipers in a MOBA shooter. Junkrat is different, he just need a few slight nerfs and he'll be back to being tolerable. Hanzo and Widow should really just be fucking deleted. I've yet to meet a Hanzo or Widow main that isn't an edgy, virgin, neckbeard, and it's not surprising in the slightest.

i did the battlenet thing and i signed on to it on my game, and when i connected to it it said i "claimed the rewards", which i assumed was the tokens, but they werent there. anyone know what i have to do?

A magnetic arrow or a pin down arrow that pins you to a wall and keeps you immobilized for a second or two would be a better ability than scatter. Could be a rather good combo for Hanzo similar to Mei. Catch a pin down followed by arrow to the head. The ability would only work if enemies are close to a wall like Doomfist's rocket punch.


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