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Overwatch new comic with Roadhog and Junkrat
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Animated w/ Sound: https://reader.madefire.com/work/w-1ccd36a347964232b7142a88ff6de304/read/

Standard Comic: https://comic.playoverwatch.com/en-us/junkertown-wasted-land

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Yee! This comic actually confirmed a few things, and showed us some stuff that we've never seen before. Like, one little detail I noticed was that Junkrat was still missing his arm and leg, when he met Roadhog, and didn't lose them after they met, and we also get a peek at what junker town looks like, which is awesome!

Roadhog is intelligent and strong, but he has no true purpose. After the ALF attacked the omnium and the outback became irradiated, he lost his life as Mako Rutledge and had to become Roadhog to survive. I think the fact that he's more complex than the big fat guy protecting Junkrat is amazing.

Every comic, animated short, etc… are Lore teasers for all chracters. We are slowly learning more about the universe, but I hope a tv series or movie happens. So we can get a fully developed story, not just little teasers


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