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Welcome to Overwatch Pro Guides – a brand new series focusing on ultra high level tips and advice from the BEST players in the World. Today we look at Doomfist. In this guide, the best Doomfist player in the World in competitive gives us advanceded Doomfist tips, tricks and advice! Links to ChipSa’s channels below.

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Until they fix his miniscule RP hit box and incredibly amount of bugs like ghost punching and people sliding off walls Doomfist will remain bottom tier. Blizzard destroyed this character before he even had a chance.

A pitty that Chipsa did not explain some of basics for Doomfist. E.g. I did not know for a long time that your Seismic Slam does way more dmg if you use it from a high ground without jumping or uppercut. Pre-jumping will lock the Seismic slam dmg on about 90 max. If you are standing idle when slamming from a high ground you can have up to 125 dmg.
Also you can sort of slide on roof tops with the slam to increase the dmg charge.
This is pretty important basic stuff I guess.
Another thing would be that primary fire cancels your animation for abilities, so if you Slam > primary fire > uppercut this will execute faster than Slam (finishes animations) > uppercut.

Almost everybody hates doomfag, he should be nerfed to hell like hanzo, dva, mcree, bastion, roadhog, ana, and when nobody wants to use him buff him again just a little to shut up doomfag players.

Dont meteor strike a tracer, if she is smart she will pulse bomb the center of your meteor strike and when you come back down you die instantly. (Obviusly if she does'nt have pulse bomb she will blinka away)

Talked about McCree which is good, but what about the other big counters for Doomfist? Maybe they're not meta in Chipsa's skill level, but we might see them occasionally enough. Pharah, obviously, and Bastion?


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