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Ey all here we are for Overwatch patch 1.0.4 or overwatch patch if you like to call it that. Anyways, today im trying to show off some McCree gamplay in overwatch and of course make it kinda a guide. Overall im happy with the nerf as I feel it leaves the character still very strong and intact with what he should be good at, while also making him not OP at murdering tanks and other people with lots of hp. Anyways, hope you liked the video and if so tell me who you want next!


So, I'm not an FPS player, however this game has really peaked my interest. I'm considering getting it for my Birthday, however I want to ask some things.
Will a non FPS player like myself like this game, since I want to try something new.
Is this game easy to learn to play
Is their anything you would consider a deal break about this game.

Thanks for any feedback.


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