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We present you the drills that can teach you how to aim with Roadhog. Follow and repeat them to create a solid foundation for your Roadhog aim. If you are still missing your hooks or not getting kills instantly on squishies, this tutorial is for you. Let’s start practicing Roadhog!

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You should do a guide with the new firing speed and clip size as you can't one shot enemies anymore. It's not so much of a nerf if you know how to work with it, because with the bonus firing speed and clip size you can actively fight a lot more than you previously could, and if you can land both shots after a hook or alternate fire before a hook you're still as dangerous as the old Roadhog. 😀

Amazing graphic design and teachin lessons. I m studying graphic design and illustration in switzerland. Your videos made me to improve so much. If you need some day help in design… ask me i do it for free, well your graphic designer i already fcking awesome but just in case. Keep doing your vids they are amazing.

you sound familiar, do you know necrit? great video skip few steps most of the time. but i play a lot of hog, so not rusty at it, often mess up the hook shot meele combo and wind up meeleing and not shooting and they get away >.< so this was good practice, what about hooking pharahs any advice? i always miss cuz hooking them pulls them in at odd angles for me at least :/


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