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Today im talking about overwatch season 8’s update hero changes, or the lack of hero changes to be honest. Im talking about hero changes that need to come in the near future and meta shifts for overwatch season 8 ranked that I would love to see. Now im not sure if these will come out sooner or later but I hope for sooner. Changing up the meta is always fun to see and some competitive hero buffs would be nice to do that


I think nerfing Mercy to " beginners only " state of lesser potency would be the 1st step and then let the meta play out after. With the Mercy not being played in mid to higher ranks, it will be interesting which one, Moira or Ana would take her spot as the main healer. Even the Bastion on Junkertown situation has a lot to do with Mercy, who can dmg boost him and even rez if he's destroyed.

Reinhardt doesn't need a buff, he's been meta since season 1 to 3 obviously season 4 and 5 were dive metas but Orisa is fine, she hasn't received and buffs or nerfs to her kit she's just become meta over time. She's always been a niche pick so it's good that she has a time to shine

Buff sombra in dmg and she is op.
She is hard but she is not useless same goes for doomfist.

Dont buff her heal , i hate that people say "oh we have sombra , no we have a support"

My ways to balance Mercy.
Presentation no one asked for: I main Mercy since before her invulnerability buff, i have +300 hours with her, reached GM before and after the nerf, and i have thought a lot about this.
Disclaimer: i just wanna say i never thought Mercy 1.0 needed a rework but she needed a change. Hopefully the one that is option A.
So, my ideas are:

A) Return to Mercy 1.0 : she's "op" right now cuz res in an ability you have since the start but the problem with Res as an ult was that i was not counterable. Sound barrier is countered by EMP, Transcendence by a Ana Nade, but if Mercy pressed q, the ult already happened unless you hacked/killed her before. So, hear me out:
-Mercy 1.0 but with cast time
-When you press Q, you get invulnerability to damage, but a hack, stun or anything that can move u from her current 5m radius of res, stops the ult.
That way she can be counterable but not straight up wrecked with the cast time i suggest.

B) Work her as she is : the only change i can think is to reduce Valk time to 10 or 12 since besides that i don't find her extremely OP right now. The only reason why i don't like this is because i don't enjoy much playing Mercy 2.0 compared to 1.0. The only reason why i keep maining her is because of her amazing movement and that's something i'm glad Bliz implemented. But she truly doesn't feel fun to play as and apparently doesn't feel fun playing against her so maybe go with A or C.

C) Rework (again) and remove ressurect : at this point, i wouldn't mind removing res as a whole if it means players stop bitching about her. But with this they would have to almost make Mercy all over again so she's a fun healer like she used to be, but now without res.

THIS ARE SUGGESTIONS. I doubt this may happen, probably the B option is gonna happen cuz Bliz doesn't want Mercy 1.0 back or a Mercy without ressurect. But i'm happy i could express my ideas out and hopefully Mercy can be played or not played depending on whatever the player wants (or the situation needs)

Oh and something to end.

Do something to stop Genji/Tracer being the absolute god tier DPS in ranked. I want Genji to die off for at least 1 season, I'm sick and tired seeing him in every single game I play. Boosters always go Genji aswell and just obliterate people on the lower rankings. The same player can't carry anything as a Mccree, it's just infuriating. Just for one season I wan't something like Mccree to dominate and not fricking Genji/Tracers… The top10 alone has not a single Mccree on EU, but Genji/Tracer is all over the place. Buff something, release a DPS who absolutely obliterates Genji /Tracer players with ease. A Sombra buff could do the trick too.

I want to see Bastion's turret mode be on a cooldown. Let him stay in it for 5-6 seconds then put it on cooldown for 10. That way he won't be able to just stay behind an Orisa shield in turret form all game.

I disagree with everything you said about Doomfist…

I feel like his instant-kill potential is very "unfun" to play against and maybe a little over-powered. It is similar to Scatter Arrow.
The only downside is his range restrictions; however, I don't consider that particularly hard to deal with. He has mobility to get around and get crafty.
Once you get close it is very easy to get a kill with the punch ability… All you gotten do is punch people into a wall. As long as they aren't a tank they are probably going to die or have under 50 health (assuming they were at full health).
Compare that to Reaper, the only other DPS character with such a severe range limitation, Reaper has to put a significant amount more work into killing people.

Reaper is really strong in close range and will likely win; however, you have a lot more time and room to work with and give a chance for the Reaper to slip so that you can get away. Comparing that to Doomfist with his punch… The only downside to his punch is the charge up time which isn't that long. To take it further he is quite tanky for a DPS.

The tanky aspect makes sense for a hero that has a severe range limitation; however, not for a hero that can get free picks with such ease once they get past that range limitation.

There's also his ult… His ult can generally secure pick or two unless the majority of the enemy team has really good mobility… Like better than Soldier sprint and Mecree roll.
If a Doomfist places his ult right on top of a Soldier or Mecree (based on my experiences), they can get to the edge of the ult; however, they are still taking a significant amount of damage.

Now that point alone is fine. It's an ult it should be powerful; however, there isn't that much risk in using a Doomfist ult…
Looking at some other ults…
Junkrat Tire – Need to think about how to get to the enemy. If you can't get to the enemy, the ult is a waste.
Tracer Bomb – Need to get close to the enemy, and actually have bomb blow up near them. If you fail to do that you will only get negligible/no damage.
Hanzo Arrow – Easily to avoid if you don't use it with good timing and/or position.

When you look at Doomfist ult… He can use it from a considerable range. You don't know where it is going to land except moments before it happens. Doomfist is invulnerable until the end of the ult. It is very hard to avoid significant damage / instant death unless you have burst mobility or some form of invulnerability (I.E Mei Iceblock).
The only significant risk he has is how vulnerable he is left after his ult; however, he is little tanky and has some crafty mobility. He has a good chance to get away and even if he doesn't he can probably get a pick or two with his abilities on top of what he managed to do with his ult. If he manages to get a strong pick (main healer for example) or 2+ picks, then his death isn't a entirely a bad play.

His ult is great; however, I would like to see a little more risk for no value to come out of the ult unless he uses good timing/positioning/team work.

Now don't misunderstand me. I am NOT saying nerf Doomfist's entire kit. I am just saying I find his kit unfun to play against and I would like to see a little more risk-reward if he is going to have that instant-kill potential.
If that isn't going to happen I would like him to be more reliable in a pro-longed fight (and less instant-kill potential) – more like a Reaper with a completely different kit to work with.

Also, you mentioned that Doomfist's punch is unreliable and could use a bigger hit box… My experiences with him are the exact opposite… I don't know how that came to be…

Am I the only one who feels like this? …

Lol, on console Junkrat is a in game constant. His rate of fire is ridiculous, once Ana gets hit, another bomb is already mid-bounce. Ana should self Nano, if she aims at her feet. Sombra should be undetectable from turrets.

I had an idea for a doomfist survivability buff. If one of his abilities is on cooldown, you could hold the key or button for it, and he'd be able to hold his gauntlet in front of his face like a shield and take less damage from the front, in raw damage reduction. He could move slightly slower as a tradeoff, and he'd have something to focus on when his abilities are on cooldown or something to tank a bit of damage he can't avoid due to his massive hitbox.


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