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Mercy Meta has been with us for a long long time and many were surprised it lasted this long. The PTR changes to Mercy simplify her kit and focus her utility on the off-chance rez which you only will successfully get to work a few times in a match and instead the strength of her kit rests upon her reliability

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Mercy 1.0 saw situational pro play usage, and I think PTR Mercy will be around that power level. Picked to combo with a specific DPS, but not the meta defining hero. Only problem is, the rest of her kit now will be far more difficult to make plays with in matchmaking. Mercy 1.0 was incredible at mid and low tiers of matchmaking, but situational in pro play, making me think we will see more changes to come and I vote for a revert to 1.0, as it didn't hurt anyone bar 'feel' impossible to counter in some areas of matchmaking – yet not an issue for higher ranks/pros. What do you all think? -F

What about keep the last changes but maintaining instaress and reuse the mechanic of the first Mercy 2.0, when you had a reset on the ress CD when use Valkyrie so you must ress before ult in order to have the 2nd ress… I think that would be petty balanced

i actually really liked mercy 1.0. I preferred it to the current build it felt more skillful, now when I play mercy its more of a boring chore where I dont have to worry about staying alive to clutch the fight you can die spawn with valk and fly from spawn to the fight before any of your team mates die and still have time to run around with your fire hose, its made mercy consequenceless if thats a thing. its hard to explain the way i feel about it. its more boring to play mercy than ever and Id rather play any of the other supports because its a more engaging play style.

I actually had that exact same thought when I first read the notes. It feels like they might as well revert her. Seeing as how across the board for every level of play she'd be close to balanced than she is now.

I think this should have happened for mercy
-Valkrye ultimate gone 🚫removed🛇
-Resurrect ability turned to ultimate
-Resurrection range reduced by 5%
-Invincibility gained
-People you Resurrect show in kill feed
-2nd ability is Beam (allows you to connect beams like in Valkrye but only for 5 seconds and cooldown is 12 seconds)
Like if you agree with me

How about we get mercys 5x rez back k? STOP DESTROYING THE FUCKING GAME BLIZZARD IM NOT EVEN A MERCY MAIN I JUST MISS THE OLD “BALANCED” OVERWATCH MINE AS WELL TAKE MERCY OUT OF THE GAME. Just like roadhog they nerfed a hero so much theyre useless.

hey its just a thought but maybe boosting anas movement a bit will be a good buff for her thats not OP but can allow her to access high places like first point temple where widow like to perch up behind the highground. like give her like a grenade jump so to speak? like zarya or solider where flankers have a harder time reaching her. gives her more vantage points for her teammates and spots dps usually dont expect her to be. i cant use the threads so maybe ya'll might like to hear it.

Going to have to disagree. If they give Valk all of these nerfs aside from taking away the instant cast rez, Valk would be great. It feels good to play, it feels good to play against, I just can't stand the Ult not interacting at all with rez.

Maybe with time I'd like it, but right now, meh.

Junkrat can go fuck himself and die. So damn sick of instant kills.

12min of video repeating same excuses, with which you could justify any kind of change to any kind of hero.
Now mercy is boring and bot-like, her ult is as useless as Orisa's outside 'pro' ranks.

Here's how mercy should be made. No Rez, heal and damage boost link up to 3 people like in Valkyrie, but only the first person receive healing. And the beam that attach to people can damage enemy who walks into it per second. Shift stays the same. And E does group heal. And her ult, should give people invulnerability to whoever she's healing for 5 seconds flat just like the medics in TF2.

I don't honestly get how you see such a division of skill for one hero between lower ranks and higher. No matter your relative level of skill I see it as just a matter of adaptation and in the case of the lower ranks, this is honestly only a boon to me. I'm a Bronze still struggling to get to Silver. I'm working on my reaction times but what I know for damn sure is that lower rank Mercy players really are not great are prioritizing their rezzes. Folks, there is such thing as too many rezzes. Too many rezzes make the game un-fun, period. And I say that from both perspectives of fighting enemy Mercy and working with friendly Mercy. Far too many times I've been a Junkrat or McCree and rezzed repeatedly while the tank gets neglected. It should be the opposite. Making rezzes more rare will therefore force Mercy players to strategize their rezzes even more. This is exactly in line with why she was overhauled to 2.0 in the first place, STRATEGIC REZZES as opposed to gratuitous rezzes. Every patch makes Mercy better and better IMO.

I think all of these nerfs proved the point that Rez as a fixed cooldown ability just doesn't work. I really would like to see the rework being reverted, Mercy 1.0 was fine.

Haha I stopped playing the game as soon as they reworked mercy. She's not even fun to play and blizzard have no idea how to balance her. Let's be honest. Was anyone really complaining about pre-rework mercy?


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