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Overwatch’s next hero, who could it be? Let’s look at the evidence we have so far and speculate on who could possibly be the next hero. Could it be the Junker Queen, Hammond or Maximilian? Will it be a support hero? With Blizzcon 2 months away, we should start getting bits of information on the next hero this month!

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if youve played paladins youll know what im saying… ive always talked about a support hero that throws balloons or little bombs like bomb king does.. full of a sticky sybstance that covers a certain area that slows or stops enemies in it and heals the team a bit while on it… the hero can be that teen from the museum that punched widow… he was inspired by tracer saying the world can always use more heroes and decided to do something

A support that dices more healing when doing more damage. Ability one: damage done to a Target heales ONE teamate u choose. It eould be like an explosive. Ability 2: Grabs projectiles thrown to him during a couple of seconds and turn the damage they do into healing and charges it in a bag until 200 and can throw an aura of the damage he grabbed in healing

It would be so cool to have a character with a barrier that could heal. The barrier wouldn't have much health but it would probably be like the size of soldiers healing pod with a Winston barrier over it.

Hammond: Ability 1-What's Mine is Mine. like a zenyatta orb, when focused on an enemy, see their ultimate charge for 3 seconds, 50 second cool downPassive: Primal Instinct, can climb walls and can hang from ceilings.Ability 2: Absorbent Barrier- Similar to an ice wall, can block doorways and block ultimates, when it absorbs damage, its health increases. (Maximum 600hp) (MAYBE) Ability 3: Can grab any projectile fired at him and can direct it backwards, High damage can cause this ability to overload and cause damage to Hammond himself, 20 second cool down.Ability 3: Health Toss- When used, Hammond can hold a healthpack of any size and throw it to an enemy, when holding a healthpack, Hammond cannot attack.Primary weapon: Gauss Shotgun-A prototype weapon from the colony. fires a projectile that is hyper charged using Electromagnetic force in a shotgun like fashion. (Projectile)Secondary fire: Gauss Shot-An accurate single shot fire weapon, shoots one charged projectile from the Gauss Weapon, Similar to Widowmaker . (Hitscan)Quote: "Take them By storm"

How about a chain lightning healer, he will send a chain of lightning out to a ally and if the ally looks and another ally it will jump to them as well healing them both. If someone jumps in the way the chain will be broken but they will be slowed and damaged

Maximilian could be a defense hero remember the doomfist and new heros leak one of the heros that was mention was combined syemmtra and torbjorn that could be him but his weapon will be a very fast firing sub machine gun think of the typhoon from crysis 3 but even more powerful Maximilian submachine gun will fire 1,000 rounds even more powerful than bastion turret mode it's has enough rounds to take out a Reinhardt dead even his shield. The wepoun will hold 500 ammo and it's has a 2x scope range it will not be long enough but still it will take out snipers like Widowmaker or hanzo even at long rage 2x scope but for the combined syemmtra and torbjorn well I kinda for forget but he'll be voiced by usman ally or Andy serkis or possibly Jason statham these three voice actors could voice him

None of the fucking above because none of the previous new heroes have been hinted in comics or some stupid shit like that, the only exception is Doomfist, but he was a really popular lore character.

a hero that can throw gasoline (or some other flammable substance) that when not ignited heals team mate but when ignited (through the use of a secondary ability not too unlike reins firestrike) then becomes an aoe floor ability. Able to lock down corridors and must make the decision whether to use their molotov (or whatever the ignition ability is) to lock down areas or directly damage heroes

I got a weird idea for a defense hero. This is just an idea, and I am aware that a new Support is more needed. So, I'm thinking of a bug/nature-esq hero who can shoot projectile leaves that act similar to Genji's shurikens, but move slower with less damage. His E can be shooting a sticky web on the ground, which is around the size of, or slightly smaller than Winston's barrier. This can be used for area denial. For as long as the web is active (which can be around 10 seconds), any hero that walks into it will be slowed significantly. His Shift can be deploying a small bug or insect on the ground, with low hp and fast movement. This makes it hard to hit. This ability can further overwhelm enemies because it will have 3 charges, making you able to deploy 3 bugs at once. An optional right click ability can be a vine whip ability. This ability acts similar to Roadhog's hook, but it does not pull the enemy in. It instead just damages the enemy. It will do more damage at the tip of it. I can't think of any good Ultimates, but one I am thinking of is a one called bug swam. Using bug swarm will spawn 15-20 (not sure what the sweet spot for this is) deplorable bugs from the aforementioned shift ability at once.

Yeah he keeps saying he thinks "Where's the support?" or "we need a support hero" and I keep hearing instead "Defense".
Like, we haven't had one defense character yet, don't think that's worth mentioning or was that a mistake?

A support hero that's gun is kind of made out of green slime or something but it sprays goo that if he sprays the floor it will make the enemy team 50% slower and your team gain heal while the enemy teams standing on the goo easier to kill like how zenyatta's discord is but weaker as one of his primary fires then the other kind of fire you shoot big blobs that slow the enemy team and do a fair amount of damage and for his/her abilities he can create a bubble like zarya's bubble but anyone can stand in it and it's active for 10 seconds. When people are in the bubble they take 50% less damage and they heal very slowly

There is a picture of the overwatch lineup with a bunch of people not seen before like athena. There is a guy in a hazmat suit who could have kind of an area lockdown power by shooting some radioactive goop or something on the ground

muslek with your area denial character is called a dps not support, if a support had area denial it would cause it to be a must pick because it could easily change the course of the fights 100% of the time

There is a Hero concept out there that i just need i think its called Zameen and its like an are denial Hero He shoots Gas to heal or deal Dmg.
Just search for Zameen Overwatch and you'll probably find it.

What if there was a hero who's ult was to take over another enemy hero's body for like 4 secs and you could do things like attack their friends, waste their ults, use up their abilities, or make them jump off the map or something. The player has no control over their body but sees everything. Maybe the screen goes black and they have to mash a button to regain control or something.

Reinhardt is feeling lonely, being the only melee character in the entire game. So why not another melee hero?

Idea for Maximilian: He's a support

Health: 250 (50 shields)

Small hitbox (almost tracer or lucio sized)

Passive: Max has 10% increased movement speed

Primary Fire: Rapid close range punches (25 damage each punch) 0.5 seconds between each punch

E: (5 second cooldown) Can throw a device (it's a projectile) onto an ally or the ground with medium sized area giving stat boosts, you can choose what stat you wanna boost (Healing, damage reduction). Can change stat boost on the fly once placed on ally/ground as well.

Shift: Basic evade (Slightly further than McCree's Roll). During evade you are CC immune and take 50% less damage. (6 second cooldown)

Right Click: Medium ranged attack where Max fires his arm forward at a substantial speed dealing damage and flying back to Max, kinda like a boomerang (Very low cooldown, maybe 2sec) 50 damage forward and back.

Ultimate: Throw an EMP into the air, after a 1 second delay it explodes, dealing 50 damage, blinding the enemy, impairing hearing and slowing them by 50% for 3 seconds. (Blind and impair last 2 seconds)

Feel free to add any ideas.


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