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A lot of talk of the Overwatch meta surrounds Mercy, but Zenyatta has silently been just as powerful from the support slot (although requiring a much larger mechanical play investment). In this video Eddy breaks down his signature hero’s playstyle and what makes him so effective this meta. Burst damage matters far more than healing and less Ana means Trans value for days – if you haven’t been playing Zen, he definitely is a hero you should pick up even if it takes some deathmatch practice to…

This video resonates. My favorites are McCree and Zen also. Both have tremendous carry potential (career avg win% 57 with both at master). I wonder why I wasnaturally attracted to them. Started in season 5. Tried each hero in casual before starting comp.

Hmm the way you approach statistics is very odd. Symettra has a high win rate/low pick rate because she's only used when she's effective, but Zenyatta, with the same win/pick ratio is the way it is because he's the king of supports.
If you watch that whole video back and replace Zenyatta with Symmetra and all the him's and he's with she and her's, the video sends the exact same message. The double standards of this channel are huge and the messages they send are misleading, but i suppose the community only wants to hear what they want to hear.

Especially with the way the current meta's going Zen is particularly powerful. I think the fact it's gone under notice, or (and I'm only getting an implication of this) it's scoffed at in competitive is just further indicative of how inflexible most playing competitive are.

Watch, all it'll take is someone going Zen and wrecking a current meta comp with their team on twitch or a national and suddenly it's going to be everywhere.

I play both Zenyatta and Mercy a lot and I see in which respect you mean that "he's much harder" and "asks more of you"(I quote)… but I think Mercy is hard in different respects aswell. I'm guessing you meant that Zen is mechanically a lot harder than Mercy and I agree but I believe that Mercy is more difficult when it comes to survival. I know that she is way more mobile than he is but I'm sure that she has the whole enemy team trying to kill her and Zen can just try and be well positioned – for instance, I would sometimes see a player sacrifice themselves to kill her, jumping into a full team and everything but I wouldn't see a Zenyatta get as much attention, I think. Also, I've heard it mentioned that he's more of a DPS than a healer (true despite me once getting 18 000 and something healing with him😎). I know hitting shots with damage characters can be hard and takes a lot of focus to do properly… but if all your focus is there then it's nowhere else (apart from quick harmony and discord orbs). Now I'm not sure if this the right term but I think Mercy is very game-sense heavy, she can see more because she isn't as focused on a target I mean. She also has the same sort of decision making as Zen does (who to heal, who to damage amp./who to harmony, who to discord – Mercy also needs to know who to rez and if she can/should switch to her gun (Zen doesn't have a second weapon to think about) which means she has more decisions to make and manage, right? Oh and mains of the characters don't worry I'm not trying to bash or exaggerate a character since I love them both. This is actually my (gigantic I know) way of finding out if I'm right or not about the 2 characters. It's also based off of ->my personal experience <- I mean they're both in my top 3 most played (along with Ana) so yeah😅 anyway sorry it's a load to read but I was just trying to get all of my points in there and I am just wondering if I could know weather I right or wrong or in between or… y'know! Thnx

Can I point out that in FFA as a Zen your rarely going to be having duels, maybe 50% of the time, becuase everyone sees you as an easy target so you often end up with multiple dps diving you at the same time which is impossible to survive…

Yeah, as you say, he requires good aiming and positionning, two things players at low ELO are really lacking of. Generally when we pick Zen he just feels kinda useless, not dealing enough damage and not healing as much as Mercy, Ana or Moira.

I main Mccree and play zen to fill support. I have a 60% win rate on zen after about 60 games with him, this hero is super fun play with a mercy but there are always the games where there are no mercy mains and the teams all "we need a mercy". I have less than one hour on mercy and often carry on zen so how am i as a dps main supposed to flex into the mercy role with so little time in it. Please learn to play around the discord team.

Interesting. I main Zen, do some deathmatch to practice my 1v1 and DPS, and I agree he can be hit or miss. Not a steady support, like Lucio or Mercy, bit more like Ana for me. I can do well, or I can do terrible, depending on team comps, or when I'm not totally focused. So yeah, I agree with the analysis.

A lot of player don't like to pick Zen. He gets ganked all the time, he is quite squishy, has plenty of counters, requires a lot of training mechanically, and doesn't seem to get much appreciation. But all that suits me just fine. Once you get comfortable where you can reasonably 1v1 tracers, genji's, sombras, or even destroy tanks and griefers like mei's and symmetras, anticipate your harmony orbs, ect… he is a lot of fun.

I love Zen. I also love Orisa. Typicaly they can kind of be best friends but also make life, when in opposit teams, very hard. As Zen it is great when discording in between shields. Also D.va is much less of a threath when discorded. Oddly enough, i love to play here too. 🙂


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