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Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan has been speaking about buffing many heroes in Overwatch and even hints to a more elaborate Torbjorn rework! In this video we break down what this will likely be! Let us know what you think and be sure to drop a Like & Subscribe if you enjoyed!
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Torb Rework Ideas by the community: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20754085286

Torb rework next? from Overwatch

Razer makes the best…

I would recomend using the scraps as it is like in TF2, let us get like 400 max, give armor would be 50 and I would add new freatures to the turret.
you channel for like 2 secons without moving to create a turret that can defend an area and the turrets move around like symetra mini turrets and deal the dmg of lvl 1 turret, but it can move by itself and deal dmg when find a target, it can cost 100-200 scrap
What if he can build shields or walls with health, it can cost more and would help siege the team if it lacks of any shields or defend, the ultimate could build it up faster so it can lvl up what he has into lvl 2 with more dmg and health, also the build up time would be decreased
How does that sound?

Let me say thank you for making these videos I think they’re in the top 2 or 3 best stuff you guys do:) Torb isn’t in the best or the worst place on the spectrum in my opinion, but I would like a boost in his abilities. First I’ll give you my own idea, what if he could repair armor, like imagine if for a little scrap he could repair his armor packs or natural armor that could be a huge boost to the support aspect of his kit. Comments on your ideas start here, the level 3 turret would be cool maybe the health his turret has could be armor. His weapon being boosted would be welcome. Building more structures and using scrap more would be excellent especially if they increase the range at which it can be collected, they might also have to increase the amount he can carry. Building a single use Jetpack that is incorporated in his armor packs would be excellent.

I think torb needs more interplay with his turret. Give him more control and more options with what his turret can do. What if he could command his turret to prioritize targets or tell it to walk to different locations (probably shouldn't be able to shoot while moving). What if the turret had burst damage that torb could choose when to use.

Simple changes that would make Torb better:
– Molten Core should replenish ammo when used and makes the clip size larger.
– Level 1 turrets being built shouldn't get destroyed when Torb dies.
– Turret placement needs to be more consistent. On some maps, you can build on stairs, while on other maps you can't.

Could let him actually sit in his turret, giving you the ability to take control of the turret and manually control it. Same rate of fire, but now you physically control the shots.
Could add a targeting preference option to the turret (Target: Class = DPS/Tank/Support) to "focus" your turret on targets like a Pharah in the sky vs a closer Rein with his shield up.

Torb should be able to to use scrap to make iron man type armor that he can throw on the ground, that might take a few seconds for another player to install on themselves, but gives them a small damage increase, speed increase, and jump increase, maybe lasts for a few seconds before the fuel runs out. Just an armor upgrade instead of the armor packs

I think some kind of mobility buff would be great. Like him being able to get to high places and build in different spots without the help of say, a mei for example

Let him have different turrets. one does good damage, one heals nearby allies (think lucio aura), one shoots at a slower pace and less damage, but slows targets hit. More situational adaptivity. Change his ult. effect on torb: torb's molten lava gun malfunctions and is now a flame thrower. Think Mei ice gun, but instead of freezing, applies a burn DOT. His ultimate would depend on the turret type. Damage turret would increase fire rate until it overheats and explodes doing big AoE. Healing turrets increases range and heals per second. CC turret would emit an electric field that stuns enemies who come to close to it. His main and alt attacks are fine. Can make it so some of his new abilities cost scrap if they are too good.

Love those FPS games with auto locking abilities/weapons. I especially love when they have those characters capable of bringing people back to life. I love when booping, traps and other abilities make it difficult to do something as simple as walking. So many interesting mechanics in this game. 😧

Just an idea: How about making torb an anti-projectile defense hero by giving his turret something like a (cooldown based) point-defence ability? for a limited time the turret would prioritize shooting down projectiles over shooting heroes. Of course it would have to be balanced (i.e. not nullifying every projectile ever.) – perhaps something like countering large/slow projectiles – Phara's and soldier's rockets, Junkrat's bombs, but not shurikens or shots from a bunny blaster etc.

#TeamJetpack here.
They can give him jet-pack and also give two level one turrets on his left and right shoulders that will fire automatically like his ground turrets and remove any of his ground one while ultimate is active, and also he wont be able to use his primary fire as he will be controlling his jet-pack.

I think it's Bridgett. We have not had a new defense hero ever, and she already has her character model done, and has a relationship with a defense hero (torb) and tank hero (rein). Defense and tanks were lacking in game which is what made dive comps so strong. Mei, torb, and shields needed reworks, along with the defense class in general. Bridgette is the bridge that connects defense and tanks in my opinion. Doomfist came out when we needed an anti dive comp character. He was the answer that they thought was meta changing. It wasn't the right change, but it was a step in the right direction. When ana came out, the community was asking for a new healing hero. When Orisa came out she was created because people wanted more tanks. Moira came out when people wanted another hero to counter mercy once more. So with this pattern, the community wants tanks reworks and defense hero reworks. That's why mei, torb, and hanzo are getting reworks, and they are fixing shields and tanks with dva not taking damage when she gets new suit, which is HUGE, Reinhardt got his shield buffed so he wouldn't take damage through he shield at angles, which killed him faster, and a huge new meta is 4 man tanks, which is a a great way of saying tanks are fixed. Defense heroes need the rework the most, and Bridgette would be the bridge that ties all the classes together to stop anti dive being so strong, and to stay as a group without scattering. And what great way to announce a new defense hero, which has never been added, by releasing her when torb, mei and hanzo get buffed. I am going to try and call it. I may be overthinking.

I think maybe giving Torb the ability to throw his turret or even slide it on the ground like a curling stone could be useful in giving him offensive utility- thus alleviating the "defense only" aspect of his kit.

What if they gave him a jump pad like in the free for all mode. Do you know how much mobility that could add to the game? You can build it where you want for like 100 scrap and BOOM, your team is now mobile and ready to take higher ground. Just like in Anubis with those high to reach areas. If it becomes to Over powered with units being able to just go over walls I'm sure there would be a way to balance that into his kit.

Hey guys Check out my Forum post about the upcoming torb rework its titled "Ideas for new Torbjorn Rework"
Also check out my post about a few new arrows for Hanzo. My ID is Goosetype

I think a cool ability for torb would be that he could upgrade other characters for a short time, maybe attach a little turret to them or just a random piece of armour that boosts their firepower. Or, maybe a shield bubble similar to zarya's where when you see that the turret is under fire, you can activate a limited shield that can just block a small amount of damage and maybe convert that damage into output power. Even if it just buys him an extra few seconds to get back to it that would be great

i think they should make the turret be able to fly like a drone. in flight mode torb must control it, he could use it to attack or just to land it in a position. while controling the drone obviously torb would be unable to attack or anything else. also like a drone he gets to far away losing the ability to control the drone turret. would be a counter to pharah as well. just an idea.

If you want something better for Torbjorn's skills in general, I would think of two things.
1. The turret becomes a sort of Spider-Turret where Torb can remote-order it to move to a certain position – that will increase its utility.
2. Add an ability to build a sort of trampoline at the cost of a certain number of scraps. This will allow group mobility for many maps.


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