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This video is an updated version of our previous settings video. Following this video will help optimize your game to get the best performance possible.

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"30 fps would be like playing Overwatch on console, on your PC"
I have two valid issues with that comment:

1. It demonstrates one of the main problems with the PC gaming community: An indoctrinated sense of superiority over consloes.
Whether it was intended that way or not, conciously or subconciously, its still not a good look.

2. Its an ignorant statement and completely, irrefutibly incorrect. For the PS4 version, anyway.
Overwatch runs at a solid 60 fps lock, on PS4. Thus, the 30 fps option on PC is INFERIOR to the PS4 version.

What we learn from this is: Don't even mention consoles, unless you have an objectively balanced view of them and fully know what you're talking about. Such as gamers like myself, who play games on both PC and consoles with no prejudice of either, can do.

for some reason, I'm way more accurate with 75% render scale. I know that it gives higher fps and thus less input lag, but my aim feels better than it should with just less input lag, it feels easier to hit things, almost like they are easier to snap onto because of the slight blurriness.


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