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In game footage of the brand new Warlock Legendary card “Rin, the First Disciple”! She is eventually able to summon “Azari, the Devourer”, which instantly destorys your opponent’s deck!

From the Hearthstone Blizzcon 2017 Live Stream

6 mana 3-6: deathrattle, add a 5mana 2/2 to your hand that has battlecry add a 5mana 3/3 to your hand that has battlecry add a 5 mana 4/4 to your hand that has battlecry add a 5 mana 5/5 to your hand that has battlecry add a 10 mana 10/10 to your hand that has battlecry destroy your opponents deck.

Literally unfuckingplayable. You would need such high value cards to offset sacrificing so much mana and life and board, that literally your deck could not lose even if this card didn't exist. That high of a value cards do not exist

It's actually not that bad imo. It's a 6 mana 3/6 that in the end nets you a card, and in control matches can be hard to deal with since it's a constant stream of threats and a 5 turn clock, really good for times when both decks don't have anything to play

Didn't blizzard say that they changed mind vision to what it is, because they didn't like the idea of you taking a card from your opponent, and thus ruining his plan? Cause this is exactly that, but on steroids, coffe, energy drink, alcohol, and crack. THIS IS EXACTY WHAT THEY DIDN'T WANT A YEAR AGO, MULTIPLIED BY A THOUSAND!

obviously we can all see it's extremely slow and basically useless, however I think we should give it a chance considering we haven't seen any other new neutral or warlock class cards that could potentially make this more viable

5 mana? 5 mana? Why the fuck are these cards 4 mana? six rituals at 5 mana is fucking insanely overcosted, Hearthstone has been printing out these cards w cool mechanics but theyre way overcosted.

Well thanks god it is super slow are you guys 4real, they wouldn't bring this card if it wasn't slow. you prefer it destroys your deck turn 4? it is clearly made for niche decks I don't see what you guys are bitching about


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