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Bit late on this, been recording lots of stuff and trying to increase the quality of my videos and editing here and there. What do you think of the new Mercy?



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considering she still has the 2nd easiest method of healing, the best mobility, a rez ability that she can still use just fine if she communicates with her team, self healing that's much faster than shield recovery and a direct way to power up any of her teammate's ultimates without using an ult herself.
yeah no. Don't see her dropping out of the meta.
her entire kit is pretty damn busted and has been this entire time, the changes they made are a step in the right direction, but I don't think she will ever be at a point where she isn't the best option or at least always viable.

I've been a Mercy main sense the beginning and I can easily tell you that Mercy was the most broken support in Overwatch history, not even when Ana was Broken it was this bad. No support should ever outshine the others to the point where it's just a must pick all the time or you lose. Mercy is still plenty powerful in the right hands. The real problem is that most of the community that plays Mercy just doesn't know how to play the game in general.

ugh im not a mercy main im a mercy, d.va and tracer main i change but now i dont wanna play her, why would you nerf someone when shes already been nerfed making people like me who play support when no one else will dont want to anymore. I think this is a awful nerf

Are there any mercy mains who still even play her, I do. Idc about this won't stop me from playing her. I am a flex player so if someone wants me to switch yea I will, not a cunt. I hate the fact that's she's just so slow and can easily be killed, she's suppose to have mobility. Now she's just slowest shit I've seen, the rez feels like it last like 5000 hours even tho it's only like a second whatever.

Mercy is balanced right now, her ultimate feels a bit underwhelming but that’s it. The issue is that she feels boring and that she has no impact in a teamfight. Her ultimate has no place, since is really bad to defend ur team from other ults but there are better attack ultimates than Valkyrie, even tho her ultimate is still really good.

I do think Blizzard is stupid by thinking that ressurect can be balanced at all, but is a broken ability and EVEN MORE as an ability on cooldown. They should really rework her again and give her something more new and exciting to her kit, but she’s receiving the Roadhog treatment so is gonna come in a while.

She's still very good. She still zips around with her Guardian Angel. Her spacebar+Guardian Angel mechanic make her so fast and mobile too. The only shitty nerf is that she STILL has to cast her rez in 1.75 secs EVEN DURING HER ULT. At least let here move fast during rezzing but have the 1.75 sec cast time during Valk. Autoaim bullshit ults still counter her NO MATTER HOW FAST SHE IS ANYWAY. The worst part is all supports except Mercy have game changing ults right now. Zen can save his team during enemy Zarya's ult. Lucio is the same. Ana's ult can give a lot of resistance to her tank and keep them alive to defend. Don't even need to talk about Lucio. Moira's ult gives her so much sustain and also heals fast. But Mercy's ult sucks at clutch saving now compared to the other supports. Cough Sound Barrier COUGH COUGH TRANSCENDENCE

she still has rez, the best mobility for any healer (I think she has better mobility than lucio simply due to her being able to fly to others) she still has the single best heal in the game AND her ult still has multi-heal beams. On top of that she can damage boost whenever she wants. She's not dead. She's just being put down to the same level as the other healers and even then she's still the best.

How about mercy 1.0 but a variation but they probably won't do that ,then there's the part where her ult could be totally useless if they do try to do a variation of 1.0 they're sorta trying to fix something that's not broken it's reallllllyyyy annoying and confusing

I have played 3 games with a quad tank comp and there are 2 things to say about it:
1) Games are either extremely short or extremely long (if the other team does quad tank as well).
2) It's super fun, because you end up with 50 or 60+ elims…. but the match stalls in 2CP forever and if you end up losing it feels awful.

My last one was in Hanamura and it ended 6-5, we were unable to capture the second point the third time because they had a Zarya and we didn't, so half of my team got caught in a Grav and that was game.


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