Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain – All Cassette Tapes (Story Secrets Explained)

MGS5 Full collection of cassette Tapes explaining all the secrets of the story and more. All the Audio recorded tapes from Metal Gear Solid 5. Subscribe for more Metal Gear Solid V!


CS:GO – Overwatch Explained

New update for Overwatch has been released (10 June 2015): Here’s a video about The Overwatch. Hope it helps understanding! Video about VAC: – ▼ You can follow me on: Instagram – Twitter – Twitch – You like Bananas? More awesomeness! Homepage – Play …


All Moira References Explained

The latest Overwatch support hero is Moira, so we decided to take a look at all her references and easter eggs and explain them. ● Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos! Click to Subscribe! ● Video by TGN Network Partner Rusty Molboxer: The TGN channel is …


Every Overwatch Hero Explained by Blizzard’s Michael Chu | WIRED

Michael Chu, the lead writer of Blizzard’s Overwatch, breaks down every character in the game. Michael explains the backstories for every hero in Overwatch, from how they were first designed to their in-game lore. Michael reveals where McCree’s name originated from, how they found Lúcio’s voice actor, the different incarnations …

NBA 2K17

NBA 2k17: Rotation Timeline Explained

A nice little feature that 2K added this year that allows you to go beyond to micromanaging players minutes while playing MyGm and MyLeague. Bye, Bye manual subs…for now!


Placement Matches EXPLAINED | Overwatch

How do Placement Matches work in Overwatch? Glad you ask. Here’s the answer! Want me to explain something else related to Overwatch? Let me know! ► OVERWATCH Playlist ► Connect with the community- Join the Discord! ► Commentated Gameplay by Cliff for Terios Gaming. ► ► …


Role Distribution in Overwatch EXPLAINED

What is your job when playing a Tank? How do I play support properly? Is there a guide on how to play DPS in Overwatch? Role Distribution in Overwatch could be so simple- But their resemblance with classic MMO roles is only superficial. So I will attempt to have all …


Overwatch NEW RANKED LOW vs HIGH – Season 8 Changes Explained!

Overwatch new ranked system for season 8 explained 💙 VIP ACCESS, Battlenet Friend Invites, & more! 🔹 Check out more TOP 5, Tips, and Guides below 🔹 Hey! Hit that Like button and leave a comment! ● Subscribe – ● TwitchTV – ● Twitter – ● …


Overwatch: Jeff Doesn’t HATE Low Ranks! – SR Adjustments EXPLAINED!

The SR Adjustment system has been a thorn in the side of the ranked matchmaking system for quite some time. Overwatch is a complicated game, and outplays often come from plays that cannot be shown on a scoreboard, especially when it comes to hero swapping and countering the enemy. SR …


Overwatch Snowball Effect Guide – Snowballing Explained | OverwatchDojo

Snowballing or the ‘snowball effect’ is when you gain a little advantage with your team and use it to gain even more advantage and steamroll the enemy. This video will teach you how to forge victories from slight advantages and how to prevent the enemy team from doing so. Improve …