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Knights of the Frozen Throne is coming, and seven new cards have been revealed! Here are my detailed thoughts on them, including my take on their competitive viability, deck fit, and synergies.

Shortcut to my quick star ratings: https://youtu.be/nmtgktsBZZ4?t=1472

This video includes Gnomeferatu, Val’kyr Soulclaimer, Stitched Tracker, Ice Walker, Necrotic Geist, Meat Wagon, and Cobalt Scalebane.

Feature | Hearthstone | Frozen Throne Card Review Part 7

It really bothers me that people don't understand why Gnomeferatu is bad. We've already had Tracking and Fel Reaver, we should've been over this already.

Your deck is RANDOM. There is no "top" card. Gnomeferatu's real text is "remove a RANDOM card from your opponent's deck", and doing so would not matter until that deck went into fatigue, because they could have just as well had this card on the "bottom" of their deck.

You have to remember, we're in an aggro meta. Most games, even control games, do NOT go to fatigue. If you finish the game with 15 cards left in your deck, you may as well have played a card with Battlecry "Discard 15 cards from your deck" because they did not matter.

Even worse is that it's a warlock card. Control warlock isn't looking for 2/3 vanilla,and isn't even looking for anything to play turn 2 (they want to draw cards and play mountain giant). Zoo warlock isn't looking for a blank 2/3 either, since it doesn't stick to the board or affect stats of any other creature. Neither zoo nor control want to play the fatigue game, since warlock draws more cards and hits fatigue faster.

For the record, Gnomeferatu has a 2% chance of having its effect count towards the Warlock quest

It's a stretch, but MAYBE, (if Blizzard cares about encouraging the Warlock Quest), the "remove one card" text will count towards "Discarding 6 cards" since the quest itself never says the cards have to belong the quest owner

Yeah but Rogue bounce, run 2 of this card, bounce it 2 more times, maybe even up to 4 extra times. (Not hard for Rogues to mill out), end up removing like 3-5 win conditions, or core components with ease.

1: yeah it can remove a good card, but if it hits a useless card then every good card is 1 draw closer to them now…

2: kinda trash? I'd say (and agree with him) it will only proc once so…. meh. Now if you draw her mid game I guess you can get 2-3 tokens

3: I have discover bias.. 4* for me. Ik I suck. Next

4: situational.. won't live long. . Hate it.. (After hearing him… I guess its an elemental so that's nice…?)

5: my full review of this card is… wish it cost 4 as a 3/3 hexk I'd take it as a 1/3 for 4 rather than this

6: I'm immature, too busy laughing at name to review. Sowwy (isn't there a 0/7 that's gets +7 on your turn? Hmmmmm? Hehe)

7: would have been much better with -1 attack

also so after I saw the new 1 mana warrior enrage enabler minion I been playing some enrage warrior and tbh as a tempo deck its not bad being honest rampage is actually better than I realized , throwing a rampage onto a worgen or even just the 2 mana rage troll makes for hella good tempo

if gnomeferatu was look at the TOP 3 cards and destroy one shuffle the other 2 back into the deck , then it would be decent as a psudeo combo killer…also icewalkr is a lot better than glacial shard in the fact that IF it does survive via tempo it can be strong , also freezing a minion while chipping away is not as bad as you describe if you can kill it without losing tempo but yea behind its literally a 1/3 do 1 damage freeze a minion for 4 mana which is no fireball so yea its bad from behind but good when ahead and them kind of cards are always meh

Your analysis of Gnomeferatu is incorrect. If there are 5 possible cards you can burn out of 30 that ruin your opponents combo and win you the game, you have a 1/6 chance of it impacting the game and a 5/6 chance of it not. Not every 1/25 game…

the ONLY thing that will make Discardlock is some way to regain the discarded cards, with a spell/minion card that cannot be discarded. if the warlock deathknight's battlecry will go something like this: shuffle all cards you discarded this game into your deck, then yes. Discardlock would be a thing but with no way to regain the discarded cards your dead.
this is very similar to a MTG discard deck I'm working on and its based on 2 main win conditions. those being, play a specific minion that is very similar to blood queen lanathel and discard a whole lot of cards for a OTK, which is very possible the other isn't really flashed out yet cause you know… I'm still building the deck. one of the abseloute key cards in this deck shadow of the grave which returns all cards you recycled or discarded to your hand. this will be insane if it returned them to your hand (and would honestly mill you a lot of the time) so the deck might be the place to return the cards to. that allows you to not get to fatigue oh so quickly and perhaps it could negate fatigue forever with some shenanigens.


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