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The best controller/console aim and accuracy settings for me on Overwatch Xbox One and PS4. Change your settings to improve aim on Overwatch! We’ll talk best sensitivity, aim smoothing, aim assist; Linear Ramp, Exponential Ramp, Dual Zone.

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Can somebody please tell me the default aim sens on XB? I want to restore defaults for one hero but I can't delete the override without erasing all my settings for everybody

ive been training with 100/100 horizontal/vertical and 0 on aim assist, aim smoothing, and I use linear ramp. been tough trying to get used to it.im 1296SR so im hoping this aim training helps. great video.

Question right? Ok so I'm a mid diamond player I play mercy DVA dps when I need to, I was wondering if you could tell me what your current widowmaker settings are. I'm trying to get better at her and I need some guidance. Regardless I used your zen settings and it really improved my gameplay so thank you

I did like to point out the importance of aim window assist. I found that for me , a lower aim window aids in players with multiple bullets being shot, like Soldier, Sombra, Tracer etc etc.

What aim window is that its essentially an "area of crosshair snapping" onto the character. I have seen the difference in training and having a lower window assist aids me with characters that have a high rate of fire like Soldier, Sombra, Tracer etc etc.

Lets say your sensitivity is at 60 and you are aiming from left to right at a particular speed , when you come close to an enemy, the crosshair ll slow down a bit to help you maintain your aim at said enemy. Think of it as an imaginary magnetic bubble, the higher the aim window , the crosshair slow downs when is further away from the character, whereas when its lower, the crosshair seems to zero in closer to the character.

Go to the training ground and slowly move the crosshair at the bot from left to right/right to left and you ll immediately see the shift in speed of your cursor slowing down.

The super annoying thing is, us on console have to work so much harder than pc, just to aim. I reckon aiming is so shit in this game because you can't aim down sights, that being said it's still pretty shitty with widow and ana maybe a lack of aim assist?


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