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The Competitive Season 6 of Ranked Play in Overwatch is finally upon us and of course, the question in the room is the same as always. What is currently meta? Which comps are the best? Which heroes are the strongest for Season 6?
With the Junkrat changes in mind, “Spam Meta” has been thrown around quite loosely. So let’s discuss that.

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I placed around the 2000 area, and I dropped down all the way to 1400s in less than 3 days. I learned to play junk decently and started playing him in comp yesterday. Today I'm in the mid 1900s again 🙂

I've been playing this season with friend son silver gold platinum and low diamond and I've seen so man Hanzo players and I definitely feel Hanzo will get alot of play time because people are trying to adapt the hero onto the meta because of his spamming feel as a hero. I think that they are doing this to go with the "spam meta" with Junkrat and road Hog because of the buffs they got and how well those Hero's play together. I also think five could contact because buffs coming to the game are giving Hero's a lot more mobility than before also Pharmercy will probably be showing up alot more in the season then before because of the mercy changes

LOTS of Junkrat… lots and lots of Junkrat. I've been physically threatened multiple times for not giving Junkrat to someone else who has then bailed on the match and canceled it for everyone. I traditionally play Orisa on defense, and I'm loving the changes.

From what I've seen the current gold meta is all dps all the time no exeptions. I've been forced to be a tank/support main now. I like being flex not playing only zarya and Zen 100% of the time. Hopfully the higher I climb the more i can flex. I've been in three games in a row were everyone else Insta locked dps and refused to switch. I couldn't go tank because we would loose a healer, I couldnt be healer because we would loose a tank. Ive now dipped down to silver because of this

Encountered players in Season 6 who would prefer a shit 76 who has shit aiming and dies constantly rather than have a Hanzo, Sombra who does work in killing the supports and disrupting the team.

OW players have no logic in terms of the meta.

I usally never pick junkrat, but after the update i started to play him and I got to say, he does too much fking damage with them double bomb.
I have no idea what im doing but just having two bombs allows me to challenge genji and winston when ever they jump on me.
Played 5 game of junkrat so far in start of season 6, won every one of them.
I really dont know what im meant to do with junkrat but shits real.


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