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Today im talking about the balance patches in overwatch and why so many of them frustrate me and seem to frustrate so many other players. This patch style is continuing in overwatch season 8 competitive ranked but has been there for a long time honestly. Today im trying to say what I feel like could fix these problems, and explain the problems in the first place as it seems like many people are angry but dont really know what is wrong exactly.


I think you and Blamethecontroller should have a chat n then storm together the ow headquarters n have another big chat with them cause good lord, smth needs to change. The secrecy of balancing (n forever n ever never including actual patch notes! ), the negligence of most of their hero raster (sombra, sym, mei, hanzo, ana,doomfist etc etc etc), the stuck meta/balance that we have since…march?, the seeming favouritism for the same 5 heroes (especially tracer!), also the odd things they smts promptly react to (e.g. community whining over DF or hanzo casual skin. Like, srsly, wtf? THIS happens instantly but everything else takes months n months???) And also their priorities: who do they wanna balance the game for? The casuals or the pros?
I personally wouldn't mind of blizz overthrows the whole thing n rebalances the complete raster of 26 to try to make them all relatively even n viable. Bring fresh wind into the stale meta n revive f Tier heroes

I've seen a lot of weird complains about how games are developed but this is the first time I've seen a complaint about inconsistent patching and rebalancing. Go play Paladins are see what a game where balancing patches occur on a planned timetable but then core systems get overhauled at random and undo all of time spent trying to balance the meta. Its better to have random patches adding towards the progressive balancing of the game compared to knowing that no matter how well things currently work it will be broken again very soon.

I just don't get why they take forever to do all of this. They have a huge team for this game, but it feels like that when the community complains about bugs, or balance changes, they handle it half a year later. If this game was on steam, it would still have the early access title because it is still super buggy. It is honestly the buggiest game I have ever played, and blizzard should just go onto youtube, and lookup wtf moments ow, and start fixing half of this shit. It is rediculous.

Because of that nerf madness, I stopped playing Mercy. Sure, she needs to get tune down, thats not in question, but the way the dev team does it and how the community acts about it, is just tiring.
If someone wants a Mercy in the team so badly, they should just pick her themselves. I definitely wont do that, only exception is when a tank ask nicely for it.

You hit the nail on the head! To me, they take too long to make changes and they nerf or buff too hard instead of making little changes at a time. Also, because of how they buff and nerf, I feel as though they end up going in the wrong direction sometimes. I would rather have my character go from OP to average over time or from trash to average slowly if it means they don't become a must pick. Seeing slight changes to the game and a slow shifting of metas every two weeks or so is very enjoyable to me.

Sombra's in a weird place. She does have dps but the amount of skill it takes for her to solo kill a support or tank vs any other character in the offense role is just so much higher. And in terms of her more supportive side half the time her hacks only benefit her since no one else on the team knows how to capitalize on them. She's great it's just the entire experience you have playing her is entirely dependent on your team, I wish she got more tools to make her viable in solo queue. I still remember how great it felt when I translocated back to one of my health packs and our Reinhardt was sitting on it healing himself back to full because Mercy was dead and he actually understood that Sombra was fully capable of healing him or when a D. Va actually coordinated her bomb with my EMP vs a shield heavy cheese comp and we got a team kill

You are so wrong in so many ways there isn’t op characters and bottom year characters every character has similar potential Overwatch is a game where some characters are better on certain maps not that they are bottom tear trash hero’s that never get used I don’t think you realise how to properly balance a game I don’t balance games so I wouldn’t know Much more but I feel like I have a better idea of where characters are in Overwatch and I think they are doing fine in balancing the game the mercy changes are probably going to change it’s on the ptr for a reason they are going to tweak it so it isn’t to harsh but mercy was used a lot and needed a nerf because she was a must pic and if you didn’t have a mercy then you have a much higher chance of losing and the doom fist bugs where hard to find and fix so when someone made a list with videos of the bugs blizzard was then able to find and fix the bugs personally I think that doing changes that are quit substantial is better that little changes now and then because your nerfing the here quit a bit then tuning it from there but I do agree that the changes come out of nowhere and they do need to do a better job of informing the community a little before hand about what they are doing to hero’s in dev updates maybe but that’s just my opinion like this comment if u agree

Not sure i agree with the "consistent nerfs over time" thing — it seems like people will just want to wait out the changes until the character settles down, meaning you don't get actual feedback.

Also, please remove the phrase "way too" from your vocabulary. Never say it. Please.


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