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Top 20 Things You’ll Never Hear a Junkrat Main Say. Junkrat mains. The spammers of Overwatch, littering the maps with explosives
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Edited by TGN Network Partner Rinnegan: https://www.youtube.com/MagicalNoob

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as a fellow junkrat main i can agree with all of these and even have a few of my own. "you know, it probably took a lot of skill to HS me while i was flying from my concussion mine" "no its ok if my mines dont get me back in if someone booped me off the edge"

Being an avid junkrat player and lover, i disagree with about half of these things, i realise taht yes, the buff was a bit much, junkrat in deathmatch is basically ez win, he was more fun while he could be killed with his own grenades because it added a bit more of a risk. Still like the video tho.


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