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►A guide to help you determine which heroes you should be playing on different gamemodes.

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Your strategies, tips and tricks, and Hero positioning videos are a massive help and even got me from Gold to Diamond. Although I am a Zarya main and I agree with you, that your point of Zarya is good on every map, I just don't see that massive effect in the end. So I feel you should make just a part two of why to choose these Heroes not on based what you said in this video. Like Zarya or Reapers positioning, healers like Ana who are really viable (including Lucio), or why a Rein or Hog may have a hot topic on a certain Map, or maybe even have a Hit-scan only positioning video for variety. (And I am aware you made a positioning vid.) Well keep up the good work! I've been a long supporting Subscriber and love the videos you're pumping out. Keep it up!

there are some things i disagree with, and i guess that which heroes are good and bad depends a lot on who is playing them and how they are playing them
but in my experience mercy can be really good in several maps (especially watchpoint gibraltar) but ofc she might not be the best pick for all

In the hands of 80% of the playerbase, a Soldier 76 works better than a McCree. Same with 95% for Genji. S76 can keep more pressure on tanks, lifts some of the healing duty off Lucio so he can switch to speed boost more often and is easier to aim with.

Junkrat is bad in every mode? Torn and Symmetry are bad in payload and koth? What was the last time you were below 3000 Sr. People in there don't know to target Torb or Symm turrets and they will both get potgs because of it. And Junkrat gives lots of zoning in lower elos because people won't try to dodge his bombs and they always step to his traps. You usually make great videos, but this one was not great. This video was one sided and gives no great advice to lower elos as the tips are aimed for high elo players. Remember your audience and make videos for them and if you want to make a video about pro players, get the name right. For example the name of this video could be "How pros pick their heroes depending on map". I'm waiting for your next ultimate guide. Thank you for reading and please comment.

I think you're under the wrong impression if you think lucio is a better healer than mercy . Soldier 76 has more healing potential than lucio . Lucio is about speed boost , and mercy/ anna are the main healers . Meaning the strongest healing characters in game . Zen and lucio are alt healers. While they have healing potential, it's weaker and not their main purpose.

this vid is so dumb. for example s76 can be useful in every mode if u can aim from the back line or the high ground. he also provides help to healers with biotic field. also phaara in oasis, ilios and lijiang:marketplace is just awesome and can carry a lot if she can land direct hits. deffensive phaara is also good as she can take down enemy back lines as well as ever and can prevent flanks

Gotta disagree with ya here, I've been mailing d.va and mercy and I'm ranking up like crazy! But at the time this was made things were different so I guess my comment and my life is invalid.


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