Call of Cthulhu

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H.P. Lovecraft and the Call of Cthulhu have inspired many horror games, but the power fantasy that drives most games conflicts with the unfathomable, unreachable terror of Cthulhu.
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The biggest problem with making a lovecraftian horror game is assuming that everyone has read any of lovecraft's works as opposed to just hearsay on the internet. Lovecraft instills that existential dread and curiousity that so dooms his protagonists. I'm afraid any game portraying Cthulhu or really any of the Great Ones or their rabble is going to have such a niche player base as to hardly be worth the effort, at least until VR develops into something more advanced and convincing.

What if they do this, make the final boss Cthulhu like in that no matter what you do, you can't kill it. No matter what they do, they die anyway.
Also how about when it come to choices, it's reveal that you ask for them opposite of what you choose and the Gamer didn't reveal it to the end

Just because certain games might have been inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, doesn't mean they have to be completely accurate to his work. And there's a reason certain people actually prefer survival horror instead of pure horror where you are pretty much completely defenseless, like Outlast, etc. I'm a big fan of the older Resident Evil games, and I actually got more scared playing those than I did when I played SH2.

In my opinion, explanations ruin horror in general.
For example: You have a horror movie with a scary creature. Is it a demon? An alien examining human anatomy? Welp, I see you are very curious, so here's the solution to the mystery – It's ghost avenging his own death after being executed for a crime he didn't commit!
Now, almost anyone familiar with horror movies – can agree that this is the part where the film becomes much less scary.

Bloodborne managed to do it well while giving their Great Ones a life bar. With the exception of Oedon who was explained as an omnipotent and intangible presence, you do fight and kill the Great Ones, but most of them are new born babies or left behind children. You can only fight Moon Presence if you've consumed enough Old Blood and gained enough insight to essentially become an infant Great One. Otherwise it mentally castrates the player or has you wake up from the Nightmare Realm wondering if it was all a bad dream. Except you've seen them warp your perception of reality and reality itself. Top it off with dark Souls combat making you feel like you don't have agency nor are you empowered until to the extent that it can still be called a fair game and add in the feeling of being unable to understand what's going on and seeing everyone go mad and it all works well. The Research Hall alone was such an interesting take on the effects of communing with the Great Ones. Just a bunch of people who think they've dropped their eyes in a puddle because their brain has grown around their head as they hear dripping water at the bottom of an ocean.

why in the hell has not one single lovecraftian video game on the Xbox NOT UTILIZE THE KINECT CAMERA?! I am honestly offended that there hasn't been a game that throws up the camera in mid game to reflect back at the player to show it's watching them, and then have a superimposed digital image that it implanted previously in the screens image move. I can literally come up with this shit all day.


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Call of Cthulhu
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Call of Cthulhu

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