NBA 2K17

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Do you respond to messages? Cuz I made a lock down defender powerfoward. He has the same badges as a paint protector but he's a lot faster!!! Make him 6'10 he'll be faster than a paint protector for sure and his steals are 94 and 94 blocks you should look at those stats

I agree with you but I'm only a 6'2 playmaker shooting guard and I still out rebound 7'3 glass cleaners. All you have to do it box out the center and if they try driving in the paint just spam the reach button and 80% of the time they get stuck or lose the ball

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I made a 6 10 Lockdown defender and I easily average 3.2 rebounds per game with him. I played about 200 games so far, with him. Glass Cleaner, stretch, Post it don't matter. I set the screen run back fast and box him out far from the rim

lol i have a 6'10 athletic finisher he grabs boards over glass cleaners and i can take it coast to coast. and i have a 6'10 sf lockdown i play center at pro am sometimes and dominate

I have a 7ft ctr, ath fin, 37badges, 95 ovr, I have the highest fg% on 2k mypark(that I've found). I'm only 7ft so I kill em w speed and vertical plus I can still guard most positions w boost.


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NBA 2K17
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NBA 2K17
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NBA 2K17
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