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Screw the haters! Zenyatta of Overwatch is awesome! Between his heals, debuffs, and big brass balls, the guy has TONS of great Buddhist culture and history behind him!

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Fun fact, the Kuji-In also have a very special meaning in Buddhism, Taoism and Shintoism, especially to warriors of the time.

Rin: To face.Pyō: The soldier.Tō: To fight.Sha: The man (or the people); a foeKai: The all, or the whole effect, or whole effort.Jin: In Formation, or position in camp or to prepare.Retsu: To move in column or a row, in a line; or marching, or to focus.Zai: To appear, or to exist to make yourself known, or create existence.Zen: To be in front, or show up in front.
Though, it's usually used in cleansing rites, like standing under a waterfall.

Rin, To confrontPyō, To soldier onTō, To battle withSha, Against one/personKai, With everyone/entire/groupJin, The formationRetsu, In a rowZai, To presenceZen, To move forward
Both versions can be read as:
"Come warriors, fight as one, ready in formation, line up and take position in front. Destroy/victory!"
“May all those who preside over warriors be my vanguard.” Which is used in Taoism.
Considering most warriors of the time were buddhists or something close to it, it fits.


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